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Burrington Primary School

School Day

Morning Session:

8:45 - 12:00

Lunch time: 

12:00 - 1:00  KS1


12:00 - 1:00  KS2

Afternoon session:

1:05 or 1:10 – 3:15

The children have a morning break of 15 minutes and KS1 sometimes have a short afternoon break.

We all play together at break time.

We run a breakfast club which starts at 8am where the children can enjoy toast, porridge and fruit. They join the other pupils in the playground at 8.35am.
A member of staff is on duty from 8.35 am but we cannot accept responsibility for children before this time. Children play in the playground and parents are welcome to wait with their children until the bell is rung at 8.45 am. Children in Cherry Tree, Birch and Oak Class play and then line up in the large playground and Maple Class children play and then go into class from the small playground.

At lunchtime we use the village hall and have a routine to ensure that children get as much lunchtime and play as possible.  Our current routine is as follows but we are constantly evaluating it to ensure that it is the best possible.

Lunch time routine

KS 1 children and Reception children wash their hands and then go to the hall.

One adult is outside of the school gate, one by the church layby, one seeing the children across the road and one in the hall.

These children start their lunch and school meals are served.

During the warmer weather children can sit in the playground and eat their packed lunch. The other children go to the hall.

All children start their lunch as soon as they get to the hall as they will have said grace either in service or in their classroom.

Children are expected to whisper until everyone has been served with their lunch.  During this time staff check the numbers of lunches are correct and remind children about which clubs are on and who is going. Second and sometimes third helpings are served for those who would like some.  When everyone has had their lunch a small bell is rung twice which signals that children can now talk. If the staff need to speak then the bell is rung once for silence and two rings shows that children can talk again.

As soon as about 20 children have finished their lunch they are lined up ready to go to play. Any children who are going to clubs are taken down to the school – usually about 12.30. One member of staff brings the club children and children who have finished their lunch to the school where they join their clubs or play in the playground.

When children in the hall have finished they line up and are walked to the Dring through the churchyard. Children from the playground join the line. Children are expected to walk in single file through the churchyard.

At the end of lunchtime- the bell is rung or a whistle blown and Class 2 and 3 are taken up to school with minimal lining up.  Class 1 and R play for a little bit longer and then tidy up and go to school.  Children can earn a snowball for helpfulness and when the jar is full, the whole school has 5 minutes extra playtime.

After school

All children are brought out to the playground by their teacher at the end of the day.

All teachers stay in the playground until all children are collected by parents. Parents are encouraged to come and speak to the teachers particularly if they have a query or a concern.

We have a link with a local after-school club who will collect the children and provide after-school care until 6pm on most days. The school has an afterschool club which runs until 4.30pm o Wednesday and Thursdays. Please ask the school for further details. There are also a wide range of clubs that run after school for certain age groups.  Information about these is sent out each term.